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Bicycles as always been a great method of having fun as well as exercising. Cycling can also be used as a great mean of relaxing of the mind.

Nowadays cycling is growing rapidly as a Lifestyle and fitness option in India. People nowadays using cycle everywhere they go. It may be marketing or going to Office or etc.

If you are among those people who like to cycling around everywhere, buying up budget bicycle is generally more difficult. You need to research product well you spend a lot of time.

In India, many peoples begin with cycle under 10,000, but people confused because there are so many options in the market so her we shortlisted some cycles under 10,000.

But If you need to know the benefits of cycling here we are.

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Health Benefits of cycling

  • Cycling Promotes Weight Loss
  • Cycling Builds Muscle
  • Improved Navigation Skills
  • Boost Your Brainpower
  • Better Metabolism

What To Look For A Bicycle Under 10000?

Best Bicycle Under 10,000 In India 2021

Frame and weight

First look at the material of frame- steel or alloy. Steel is best for durability where alloy makes the bicycle lighter.

Gear Combination

The gear combination 6 to 7-speed cycle is good enough for the flat Regions. The higher combination allows you to cycle on Hills, if you want to cycle on Hill then go for higher gear combination.

Components & Features

Finally look at the Quality of frame, Seat, Wheels, and handles bars and features like disc brakes and suspension.

After keeping in mind all those factors we have list Best bicycle under 10000 in India 2021. All the prices and models are below.

1. Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Bike

Best Bicycle Under 10,000 In India 2021

Hero next 24t e is a crafted mountain bicycle for men. It has 17-inch steel suspension frame and is idle for cyclist with a height between 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches.

It has popular Shimano gear shifter which gives power to this 6-speed cycle. This MTB cycle comes fully loaded with Stand, Mudguard, Front Reflectors, Rear Reflectors and is good for off-track riding.

The mudguard on the bicycle prevents mud from dirtying your shoes and socks during rainy weather. It has a cover on the chain it which kee mud of the chain for this cycle.

If Talk about frameset the bicycle has study and steel frame suspension frame that weighs only 4.5 kg. The handlebar of this bicycle comes with a 610 mm. the handlebar is 41 mm height so it is easy on your child’s arms and wrists.

For safety, you can now apply the powerful front and rear V brakes to navigate safely through a crowded road. The bicycle has MTB pedals so your feet won’t slip off while riding.

2. Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle with Alloy Rims, Anti Rust Frame

Best Bicycle Under 10,000 In India 2021

This Medium size bicycle Comes with single speed and carbon steel frame with 26 inches steel wheel. The weight of this bicycle is 12.9kg lighter bicycle with 26×1.75 tyres making it fastest commute vehicle.

This bicycle is good for people with a height of 5.0 to 6.0 feet. Rims come with a double-wall alloy which is light & high in strength. Tyres are puncture resistant for speed.

This cycle has a quick-release adjustable seat and comfortable grips, with durable pedals. It takes only 10 minutes to assemble a bicycle by yourself and all the necessary tools for the same will be provided.

3. Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle Non-Gear 26 t Inch Wheel Dual Disc Brake |17 inches Frame 5 feet to 5.6 feet Height Adult MTB Bike

Best Bicycle Under 10,000 In India 2021

This is geeky hashtag mountain bicycle is a human-powered,pedal-driven, single-track cycle, having two wheels attached to a frame, in one behind others.

This bicycle is also considered as a sport and a means of fitness. This single-speed bicycle is without derailleur gears, methods for varying the gear ratio of the bicycle. The most fixed bicycles are technically single speed cycles.

This mountain bicycle frame is sturdy and design offer a leisure riding position. Also equipped with a pair of tires which gives superior grip on the road and brakes are powerful and stable which gives safety.

The bicycle comes with dual disc brakes which are high in quality and both disc brakes give stability and quick braking, easily adjust the seat height with quick release, attractive wide tyres provide excellent roll and a stable ride.

4. Hero Ranger DTB-VX 26T 6 Speed Mountain Cycle

Best Bicycle Under 10,000 In India 2021

This 6-speed DTB VX 26T is the Best Bicycle Under 10000 mountain bicycle for men. It features 19.7-inch steel suspension frame and the ideal for cyclist height between 5.4 to 6.4 feet.

It has popular Shimano shifters which build quality is good and derailleurs which give power to this 6-speed cycle. This MTB comes with fully loaded Mudguar, Carrier, stand, front and rear Reflectors, and ideal for off-track riding.

The steel suspension frame of this cycle is only 6.75kg which is lightest. This segment the suspension fork ensures riding comfort on a bumpy road.

The bicycle has a 42T Crankset and a cottered BB set. This ensures smooth chain crossover and minimises your effort while pedalling. The Handlebar this bicycle comes with a 610mm that’s 41mm high so it goes easy on your arms and wrist.

You can apply powerful front cantilever brakes and rear to navigate safely through a crowded street.

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Best Bicycle Under 10,000 In India 2021

We hope that you have read this blog completely and having proper knowledge and information related to Best Bicycle under 10000 in India 2021
And hope that you have chosen one of the above-listed Best Bicycle Under 10000 In India 2021.

Good Luck for your health!

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